On the Horizons

It’s seems like such a simple concept: arts integration.

But what does it really mean? For some, it’s as simple as using storytelling as a way to become a better communicator, using dance to learn about math, or even recreating a dramatic interpretation to explore the rich historic events that shaped our world.

But for Story Tapestries and Arianna Ross, though, arts integration goes much deeper than just being a tool for learning. It’s being able to see the poetry all around us, and feel the rhythm pulsating within our own neighborhoods. It’s allowing ourselves to unabashedly create something from within, and to let art become a natural and essential part of our everyday lives.

Arts integration weaves our stories together to create our community. It helps us belong.

The bleak reality is that too many people have never had the opportunity to be enriched by the arts. While there are many reasons why this happens, most often the reason people don’t get to experience arts integration is painfully simple yet seemingly unavoidable: Funding was unavailable. And almost always, the people who suffer the most from the absence of art tend to lack access and privilege. They’re essentially left behind, and possibly miss out on learning something that could dramatically shape their lives.

Story Tapestries and Arianna Ross know that the arts are too important for people not to experience them. While we’ve always turned over every stone possible to find ways to bring arts integration experiences to underprivileged communities, our latest expedition will further our cause even more: We are in the transition phases of becoming a non-profit organization. This will mean that in the future, we will be eligible to receive private and public funding, which we will use to help bring Story Tapestries under-funded communities so that they can experience the wonders that the arts can bring.

So keep an eye on the Story Tapestries/Arianna Ross blog to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest happenings. Also, stop by to get tips on how you can make the arts a part of your everyday lives. Arts integration in your community can become a reality; see how Story Tapestries can make it happen.

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