Get Your Art on with Story Tapestries and Arianna Ross

Communities across the nation are gearing up for a fall full of festivals, late harvests, and entertainment. So why not kick-start the autumn with one of the many memorable and wide-ranging performances or residencies from Story Tapestries: Arianna Ross! If you book Arianna before the end of October, you will receive a 10% discount. Even better, if you refer Arianna to another organization and they book her as well, you’ll receive another 5% off! Of course, if your budget is feeling the stronghold of the recession and you do not know where you are going to find the money to bring this amazing performing arts company in, don’t give up just yet! Talk to Story Tapestries about the Free Money out there to bring Arianna Ross’ solo shows and/or collaborations with dancers and live musicians to your community.

So don’t let September pass you by without taking advantage of these great deals!
Story Tapestries and Arianna Ross will brighten up your future season as they work their magic both on and off the stage. email us at or call us at 301.916.6328 to book Story Tapestries and Arianna Ross today!
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