Reach for the Sky and Raising our Limit

Success has shown us that the time has come to reach for the sky and raise our limits.Image

With days left of the Open Challenge, we reached our initial project goal of $6000 and we have secured a permanent spot on the Global Giving Website.  However, as many of you already know, the more money we raise the larger number of children and adults we can Give the Gift of Literacy to.  We have the staff and the artists ready to serve as many communities as we are able to support. Therefore, we have increased our funding goal by  $3000 to $9000.  This increase in funding will allow us to reach more than 565 students, 22 teachers and 848 parents in the greater DC metro area with arts programs that teach the building blocks of learning to read and write. Remember a donation from you will help to end generations of illiterate families.

HELP us continue to collect donations as part of our “Teaching Literacy through the Arts” project up through December 31 by spreading the word to anyone you think might wish to help.Image

As we celebrate the holidays and the end of 2011, we are feeling very grateful for such a successful year – THANK YOU for being a part of it!
Story Tapestries, Inc.
With art, understanding; with understanding, community

Our mission is to expose communities, nationally and internationally, to the concept of arts integration as a multi-faceted arts approach that seeks to affect all aspects of a person’s development and life.

Our vision is to create a world-class network of artists, educators, businesses and community members empowered to educate and encourage people to integrate the arts into their lives.

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