Arts’ Integration By Ryan Hogue, Marketing Intern at Story Tapestries Summer 2013

Arts Integration In ActionMy view on arts integration comes from a different point of view than most of the people working with Story Tapestries. While they have all had plenty of experience and passion towards the performing arts and storytelling, I am brand new to the whole idea. I grew up surrounded by sports and the performing arts was never presented to me therefore I never thought about it. While going through school I had no sorts of arts integration whether it is in Pre-K or 12th grade. I sat at a desk, listened to the teacher, took notes and did assignments. Not knowing any differently I figured this to be the way all schooling is. I had always wondered, as well as had numerous conversations about how school could become more interesting, more involved and more exciting. I realized at a young age that the “normal” way of schooling wasn’t exactly best for all parties involved. While I always did well in school, all A’s and B’s, I still felt as if I wasn’t learning, just studying and remembering information most of which was forgotten after the test. I also noticed how many of my peers struggled to stay interested and involved in school or just struggled to learn the material. It wasn’t until I started talking to Arianna Ross, the Executive Director and the rest of Story Tapestries that I learned about arts integration.


The first time I saw it I instantly knew that this way of learning would at least be much more enjoyable for the children. Now through statistics and first hand stories from Arianna I can see that not only does arts integration make learning fun, it takes the remembering of normal school and actually turns it into learning and growing. Seeing kids and teachers having fun at school and really retaining what they were taught was something that really grabbed my attention and made me realize that this is a really powerful tool. I am hoping in my lifetime arts integration is more than something just used by certain teachers or certain schools. It should be a mainstay of every classroom. If you doubt arts integration just sit in on a lesson or take a class from Story Tapestries. I guarantee it will open your eyes to the amazing opportunities to better our youth and their futures.

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