The Laws of Motion

“Thank you for working so closely with our teachers, being so creative, and inspiring our children to think above and beyond.”  Shelly Cefalu, PTA representative at North Forest Pines Elementary School

DSCN0494The Request: Can you create a residency that engages the students while simultaneously educates the students about the Laws of Motion?

The Answer: No problem. We will use a combination of the elements of Dance, Drama, and Storytelling to teach the students the three basic Laws of Motion. You will be able to assess their understanding of their knowledge of the subject throughout the process by the questions you ask them and the answers they are readily able to give. They will complete the FIVE day residency by creating a live human machine that moves and talks. They will demonstrate how they machine is affected by changes in mass and force through changes in their movement. The students will each write and perform a short monologue from the machine’s point of view. You will notice that all students at all levels will be able to participate. I can guarantee you that not one child will feel left out and all learning styles will be reached. We will use visual, audio, kinesthetic and tactile methods for learning.

The Result: A fantastic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) residency where learning, collaboration and fun was had by all. One hundred and twenty-five students were taught the three Laws of Motion. One hundred and twenty-five students students choreographed and performed a piece of movement. One hundred and twenty-five students wrote and presented a short monologue using descriptive language. Five teachers and hundreds of parents were THRILLED.

Student Response: THIS is incredible. Can we do this every year? I did not know that science could be easy. Did we really build a live machine? I would go to school every day with a smile on my face if we always had workshops like this.

My Response: I love teaching students using arts integration. It is such a pleasure to watch as the light bulb of learning turns on and they become excited about what’s next.

THE QUESTION: How can we ensure that every school has an arts integrated STEAM program?

THE ANSWER: We at Story Tapestries are working towards the goal of having a STEAM program in schools across the country. We apply for grants, make connections, raise money and partner with administrators to bring these programs to their community.

-Arianna Ross, Story Tapestries Master Teaching Artist & Executive Director

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