Dancing in Florida

Hello StoryTapestries Folk!

It’s k.k., a.k.a. Kelly King. I’m a dancer human doing work with StoryTapestries to further TLA_crcle_url_logo_cmyk_HRthe mission of getting more people moving as a critical part of the learning process.

I spent a week in Florida this fall doing some of my favorite work. In partnership with StoryTapestries and the Learning Alliance, I was invited to present a Professional Development talk to schoolteachers in Vero Beach and spend two days imbedded with four teachers at one elementary school.

I taught 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade language arts classes using a dance-based curriculum. IT WAS AWESOME. The kids were incredibly engaged, curious, focused, and productive – everything an educator could dream of and more!

The PD happened at the BEAUTIFUL Vero Beach Museum of Art. 110 teachers from across the district came, danced, listened and learned with me. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I hope to replicate it over the coming years.

Vero Beach Museum of Art

I realized while there, that I got my first teaching job when I was 15 – a sophomore in high school. I have now been a dance educator for 21 years. The week in Florida was an amazing way to celebrate 21 years of sharing this incredible art form.

Thanks to StoryTapestries for being a vital piece of the puzzle that makes this artful dancing life possible!

The video is a balcony dance – you can hear the waves in the background. I was so busy teaching, I only got to visit the beach on my last day. So, I just had to celebrate the sounds of the waves and the warmth of the air here. I hope you enjoy!

Kelly King makes dances for theatre, film, stage, and street… and all the places people go in-between. She serves the creative community as a dancer, educator, choreographer, consultant, advocate and audience member. Kelly has choreographed and performed all over the world, from the finest of stages to the muckiest of crosswalks. She is the Artistic Director of Contradiction Dance, based on Washington DC.

As an educator, Kelly has taught all levels from pre-K to undergraduate levels of dance across many genres in studios and public and private institutions including: Contradiction Dance (Founder), CityDance Ensemble (Associate Director), Joy of Motion Dance Center, and St. Mary’s College. She has led arts integration efforts in schools in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland. She has consulted for the DC Collaborative helping schools integrate all arts into their core curriculum. Currently, she is a teaching artist for StoryTapestries bringing her expertise to students across the country.

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