Success – oh, what a feeling!

Recently we held a Professional Development Workshop at The Lab School of Washington. It was exciting, and at the same time daunting. Here was a group of 50+ teachers and artists who use inclusive arts integration every day. Would we have something more to share with them?  Would we add to their knowledge, or would they feel we were telling them stuff they already knew?The answer was overwhelmingly “YES!” We prepared an 80+ page handbook to train and engage with during the workshop, which will remain with each of them to use as a reference going forward.

We had hands-on activities so participants would not only learn the skills, but also experience first-hand the excitement of group work and being active in learning. The teachers and artists were engaged and threw themselves whole-heartedly into every activity. The buzz of energy in the room was palpable as participants connected with the materials and felt immediately inspired and empowered to put these new experiences into action. During reflection times, you could hear teachers and artists planning how they would incorporate what they were learning into their curriculum for that week.

One activity was acting out what the moisture in the air would look like. One of the leaders, Azure Lea, said this about the experience:


“Wonderful workshop!! I loved becoming the moisture in the air. (These are) great skills to start using right away. Thanks so much!!!”


We appreciate these comments and are so grateful for the opportunity to train and teach professionals new skills. It was the success of seeing the process being adopted by these amazing educators that really made all the prep work we had done more than worth it. Even with many more workshops, professional developments and other events completed with satisfaction this year, we are SO VERY EXCITED about the success of this one and the impact it will continue to have thanks to the teachers that will put what they learned into action day by day, year after year. 


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