Arts Integration at the Vero Beach Museum of Art ~ Shanti Sanchez

We have partnered with The Learning Alliance and The Vero Beach Museum many times. They have been and continue to be amazing partners in so many ways. Their staff, the events, the community… We can’t get enough and look forward to continuing our partnership. We wanted to take a moment to highlight the great work they are doing at the Vero Beach Museum.

0815 TLA Moonshot Academy Trainings (48)Over the past two years, the Vero Beach Museum of Art’s education programs have become aligned with a school district and community literacy initiative in Indian River County, Florida called the Moonshot Moment. The Museum has been working with schools, families, and other community partners to bring “literacy off the page” through the use of visual arts, story, movement, and sound. The Museum has hosted a number of professional development sessions for teachers facilitated by arts integration thought leaders like Kurt Wootton, author and co-founder of Brown University’s ArtsLiteracy Project and Arianna Ross, founder of Story Tapestries.
DSC_1035While artists and museum educators are well aware of the power of the arts to support learning in all subject areas, often teachers and parents need guidance to experience and feel confident with using arts integration strategies and activities for students. The Vero Beach Museum of Art has expanded its young family programs to include, for example, Artful Storytime where young children visit the galleries to view and talk about works of art then explore a related children’s book and do a hands-on art project. Parents participate as well, observing simple strategies as demonstrated by teaching artists and receiving tips to use at home.
Beachland Grade 1 (7)In addition, the Museum has installed large-scale reproductions of art from its permanent collection in all public elementary schools. These Moonshot Masterpieces feature simple instructions created by local teachers offering parents ways to engage with visual images that will enhance oral language development, reading and writing. The result of these and other combined efforts is that art is making a visible difference in this community, where close to seven out of ten children are living in poverty, receiving free or reduced lunch. The goal is for 90% of third graders to be reading on grade level by 2018, and the vision is for this small central Florida county to become a literacy capitol of the nation. Arts and cultural organizations like The Vero Beach Museum of Art are helping make this dream a reality.

Here are few quotes from those who have been impacted by this great museum and their programs:


feb 2016 008

“Thank you so much for the class visit today. I have been teaching a long time and have never had a more appropriate classroom visit. The material covered was extremely applicable to 1st graders. Thank you so much for the preparation that went into the presentation. We are so grateful for the collaboration of The Learning Alliance and Vero Beach Museum of Art.”



feb 2016 011

“Could the students receive one free pass to bring a  parent back? I think if we sent it home you would get kids bringing their families.  Then they could share what they learned and could educate the whole family.  I loved the field trip.  My daughter loved it too.  Thank you so much.”


“I am a high school junior. I moved to Vero Beach last year, and over the summer I visited the Museum of Art for the first time. It was a wonderful experience, as the staff was very helpful and the artwork was diverse and intriguing! I have never been as familiar with a museum as I currently am with the Vero Beach Museum of Art, and I am ecstatic and grateful to be involved with it.”




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