Magic in Glen Echo Park

Our partners at Glen Echo had an amazing event, we, Story Tapestries were honored to be a part of it.

Here are a few words from Glen Echo Staff:

Despite cloudy skies and cool temperatures on April 30th, we had a very nice turnout for our Family Day Festival at Glen Echo Park. In addition to carousel rides and craft projects, visitors were treated to an expanded performance schedule on three different stages – a variety of dance troupes in the Spanish Ballroom, magicians and live music in the Cuddle Up Pavilion, and singing, storytelling, and rhyming in the Bumper Car Pavilion. We were very pleased to work with Story Tapestries for the first time and our audiences loved the interactive, playful performances by storyteller Arianna Ross and hip-hop artist Bomani Armah. We look forward to collaborating with Story Tapestries again for Family Day in 2017.



Read how Bomani saw the day: 

I had a wonderful time at at family day at Glen Echo.  Setting up on stage at the old bumper car pavilion, sandwiched between jazz and magic tricks to the left and a ballroom full of traditional folk dancers, I found myself competing for attention a little bit.  What a great problem to have if you’re one of the hundred of families that came out. An artistic overload was on display all day, as I had the pleasure of following Arianna and her captivating storytelling. By the end of the day, we had transformed dozens of innocent bystanders into breakdancers and beat boxers.  Kids old enough to talk were responding to “Can I kick it?” with “YES YOU CAN!”, and transformed our corner of the park to a b-boy and b-girl jam. Can’t wait to come back for next year!

Arianna Ross, and the staff here at Story Tapestries, are in complete agreement with Bomani and Glen Echo Park. This event was amazing and it was heart-warming to see the community come alive in the Park. We are so looking forward to our return next spring, and are hoping to see you there.


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