EXTRA! Read all about progress with improving graduation rates

The nation has achieved an 82.3% high school graduation rate


While this is an awesome achievement, before we get too excited, we must also discuss CHALLENGES.

1) This year the nation is slightly off pace to reach a 90% on-time graduation rate by 2020

2) At both the national and state levels, troubling graduation gaps remain between White students and their Black and Latino peers, between low-income and non-low-income students, as well as, between students with and without disabilities

3) Low-graduation-rate high schools – a key focus of the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act – pose a significant roadblock to the national goal of a 90% graduation rate for all students. While the number of low-graduation-rate high schools has declined considerably over the past decade, in some states they still predominate.

Children Learning


The good news is THERE IS A SOLUTION that has been proven successful and has helped us make improvements to graduation rates over the last several years in particular:

Students who have fallen off track to graduation need:

1) Positive relationships with caring adults
2) Strong and tailored instruction
3) Opportunities to engage in learning experiences that connect school to careers and life beyond
4) Support and resources to help them figure out what they want to do once they have earned their diploma.

These should be at the core of any school or program, particularly those serving vulnerable student populations.

Studying Tools of ArtThese needs are at the core of ALL Story Tapestries’ programs, we work with high-need communities to create sustainable solutions that help ensure every child has the possibility to learn and has access to the resources they need for success. We have seen that an arts-based approach not only helps with relationship building and picking up new skills, but also can inspire and give direction to students that otherwise lack motivation for developing an interest in learning at school. Story Tapestries forms partnerships with other non-profits, public and private organizations such as schools, libraries, museums and senior living centers to connect supportive networks within communities. Working with like-minded people like you, we’re confident that we’ll continue to make strides in reaching the Grad Nation goal – helping students graduate from high school and increasing their possibilities for the future.

These facts and the analysis are reported by Civic Enterprises and the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, and released in partnership with America’s Promise Alliance and the Alliance for Excellent Education. Read the full report yourself here!

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