The Impact of the Arts on Literacy Development

Several studies have linked the impact of arts with the development of language arts skills and literacy skills. Arts integration programs implemented in schools across a period as short as a few months have been shown to improve students’ abilities to master certain language skills.


There are many ways in which the arts can be integrated into the classroom. The Developing Literacy Through the Arts (DELTA) report, a summary of research conducted by scientists and educators, lists such practices as music and song integration. In a music unit set up in an elementary school, educators saw measurable results on how lyric and songwriting problem-solving tasks enhanced literacy development in students over the course of just a few weeks.

img_2180-1Furthermore, according to the National Assembly of States Arts Agencies (NASAA), the overall effects of arts integration has been shown to benefit both English language learners and native English speakers by helping them gain a greater avenue to express their own ideas and create their own textual narratives. Furthermore, student populations considered to be most ‘at risk’ showed the greatest gains from arts integration practices.

We at Story Tapestries believe that by investing in multi-faceted arts integration practices, we will sustain and enhance the ways in which students and educators alike develop and grow holistically.


A message from one educator we worked with: “The students were taught strategies in drama that involve different ways to use the body to tell a story or reinforce learning unfamiliar vocabulary or show how different characters in a story were portrayed. We also used the level of our voices to show how different characters in a story were feeling. The visual arts were used to map out what the setting looked like in a story.

Through our work, we seek to engage and empower every participant we reach to embrace the arts as a component of daily life as the arts certainly do make a measurable difference in the way we envision ourselves, embrace our identities and work with others to build an encouraging environment based on understanding and community.

To learn more about the DELTA report, click here.

To learn more about the NASAA findings, click here.

To learn more about STEAM at Story Tapestries, click here.


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