#GivingTuesday, GlobalGiving and a moment of gratitude!

On November 29th, GlobalGiving is relaunching their #GivingTuesday program, their eighth such campaign since 2012 to help give not-for-profit arts organizations an extra end of year boost and remind our supporters to keep us in mind this holiday season! Read more about #GivingTuesday on the GlobalGiving site. Story Tapestries has been a long-time partner with GlobalGiving, an organization we’re proud to see is truly making an impact in helping not-for-profit organizations realize their potential. 

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Even in this decade, a little less than half of secondary students in DC public schools are below grade level in grading. This year, Story Tapestries is working alongside GlobalGiving in our literacy project campaign. Help us give the art of literacy to students in DC public schools. We aim to stop the illiteracy cycle in its track by focusing not only on growing reading and writing skills but also a passion for learning and lifelong education.



We are excited to have launched an artful moment initiative that brings a Story Tapestries artist or family member into your home every Tuesday at 7pm EST. This past Tuesday featured artist Carrie Sue Ayvar. If you missed here, you can watch her HERE! Then tune in Tonight with our founder and Executive director, Arianna Ross!




Lastly, as we prepare for the holiday season, we at Story Tapestries are reflecting on what brings us joy. At the top of our list is our amazing family – and that includes YOU!

We’re grateful for…

…your ability to read this message

…children’s smiles when they have lightbulb moments of learning

teachers’ renewed excitement when they discover new ways to connect with their students

our partners that inspire and support us

…the child that discovers the joy of reading after participating in a program

the parents that learn how to share a song, a poem, or a story with their children

the 110,000 people we were able to connect with in 2016 thanks to YOU!

MOST of all, we’re grateful for supporters like YOU that see the value of Story Tapestries.

THANK YOU for being a part of our ever-growing family of artists, educators, parents, students and community members.


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