Arts Partnerships Help Students Succeed

We asked our fabulous Communications Volunteer, Yvonne Oh, to tell us a little bit about what inspires her to support Story Tapestries and arts in education.  Yvonne is a regular and invaluable contributor to our blog and social media.  Here is her take on why Arts Partnerships Help Students Succeed.


My mother is the most dedicated teacher I know. She became a teacher after we kids were almost into our teens. No longer having to watch over us gave her time and opportunity to dive into a passion which we didn’t realize she had. And she was a very good teacher. In fact, she sometimes said it was a shame that she didn’t get to apply her knowledge of early child development with us – how brilliant we would’ve been! 



She’s retired now, and I thank her for the appreciation I have for teachers like her –  teachers who made sure lessons were creative and imaginative so that students were inspired to learn. Mind you, she’s happy to hear that I have been volunteering with Story Tapestries and doing my bit to help create positive learning environments. Retirement never stops a good teacher.



Story Tapestries has been a creative, dynamic partner to schools, community organizations and cultural institutions. Our mission is to help introduce creativity and imagination in everyday lessons. Story Tapestries has provided teacher training programs for professional development and arts integrations, teaching artist residencies and community workshops and performances.




I recently stumbled across an interesting article, The Art of Partnerships: Community Resources for Arts Education, that looks at ways to initiate and develop successful partnerships for arts integration in public academic curricula. A strong arts education has proven to benefit reading and language skills. Students also learn critical thinking and social interaction skills. Overall, there is a stronger motivation for learning.


Lend your support to Story Tapestries and encourage partnerships and cooperative programs between schools and arts organizations.

-Written by Yvonne Oh, ST Communications Volunteer

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