Arts is Business: study shows arts industry contributes to economic wellbeing

By Yvonne Oh, ST Communications Volunteer

Having moved to this neighborhood not too long ago, I’ve made efforts to get to know my new place better by exploring and getting involved in activities. One great discovery I’ve made has been the numerous arts and cultural events available so nearby.

There are all kinds of performances, exhibitions, and events to attend. Just a couple months ago, when the weather started warming up, my family and I headed for outdoor activities. Performances outside were so enjoyable and entertaining. Later when the heat really turned up – well, hello summer – our plans changed to include visits to museums and galleries with good air-conditioning!

And we’re not the only family who are out enjoying great arts and culture activities. Many other families are either visiting local places or traveling further for their summer fun.


A recent report by Americans for the Arts shows the connection between nonprofit arts and cultural activities and a prosperous economy. This study, the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 is the most comprehensive economic impact study of the arts and culture industry. Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $166.3 billion in economic activity (2015).

Yes, the arts industry is a serious business. This video shares an overview of AEP5’s findings.

However, more importantly, is the local impact of this industry. The local arts industry cares for its neighbors.


A night out at a concert not just shows support for the arts, but also generates income for nearby establishments. And in turn, creates more business and jobs, and contributes to the overall economic health of the area! The AEP5 study has specific reports for local and regional areas. With data coming from diverse communities with varying populations, urban and rural areas, all 50 states plus the District of Columbia are represented. That summary can be read here.



So be entertained, inspired and moved by all the wonderful arts and cultural events that are out there this season. And know that your support of the arts is also support for the economic prosperity of your neighborhood. Hope you had a great summer!

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