Welcome Melissa Killeleagh to Tuesdays with StoryTapestries!

This week, we are welcoming long-time friend Melissa Killeleagh as a regular contributor to our weekly Facebook LIVE series, “Tuesdays with StoryTapestries!” Tune in Tuesday, 12/4 at 7:00pm ET on Facebook for Melissa’s first video.  We recently sat down with Melissa to get her story:

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Melissa Killeleagh is a “mompreneur” with a vision for adding value to those around her. Life truly began for her just before turning 40, with the birth of her son. With undergraduate and graduate degrees from Ithaca College and Binghamton University, she worked in public finance for 10 years before trading in full-time work for her part-time business in social marketing. While having two incomes was great, Melissa felt that having more time to truly live her life was even better. She gave up on society’s suggested “mileposts” for success in life and began to design a life guided by her own values, relationships, and the notion that “we make a living by what we get, and we make a life by what we give.” Just when she started making plans, God laughed, and along came Jack. Melissa says that he IS her greatest gift. Her passion and purpose are building strong relationships, creating dynamic communities, inspiring leadership from the heart, and being a catalyst for the critical shift in paradigm our world needs right now, which Jack inspires her to do daily.  When not chasing her toddler or her dreams, you’ll find Melissa snuggling with her fur baby; reading; writing; dancing in the living room; conspiring with energy healers and thought leaders; listening to, or recording, podcasts; and, enjoying life outdoors.





What does she have to do with Story Tapestries?




This story weaves together in several ways.  First, mutual friends Karen & Stephen Beals, who also have hosted ‘Tuesdays with Story Tapestries,’ inspired Melissa to reach out to Arianna to learn more about her work and interview her for her podcast series ‘The Melissa Killeleagh Show,’ which is hosted by Fingerlakes1 TV and can be found on YouTube.  Then, in September, Melissa was invited by Artistic Director Angela Daddabbo to take a 12-week class at Auburn Public Theater that uses Julia Cameron’s ‘Artist’s Way’ to help a creative cluster of individuals come together and ‘recover’ their creative selves.  This experience initiated a series of conversations between Melissa and Arianna around the evolution of our stories, how art & creativity come into play, and inspired some ideas for ‘Tuesdays with Story Tapestries’ so stay tuned.  This work will only continue to unfold into a myriad of collaborations!





In the meantime, Melissa is also passionate about leveraging her network marketing business to help raise funds for organizations she loves.  Please feel free to shop over 450 pure, safe, and beneficial vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free health & wellness products, from baby care to anti-aging, nutrition to cosmetics, online at www.melissakilleleagh.arbonne.com for the month of December and Melissa will donate her full commissions to Story Tapestries!  When you shop online, enter ‘Arianna Ross’ as the host at checkout and you’ll see ‘Purchase with a Purpose for Story Tapestries’ pop up!


A special THANK YOU to Melissa for joining our LIVE video series, and for supporting us through her generous fundraising initiative!



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