Story Tapestries is a not-for-profit that delivers arts integrated educational programs across the country.   We know that writing stories, solving math problems, working out scientific principles, inventing new products – all require creativity.  Arts Integration seeds this creativity, so that this generation of young minds blooms into our future leaders.

Recently, a foundation in Louisiana funded a series of programs in the parishes around Houma.  Click on this link and experience what our students discover every day.


Why does Story Tapestries exist?  Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of high school. 25% of all youth and 40% of minorities drop out of school.  According to the United Way, illiteracy costs the US $20 billion each year. In math, their peers in 14 countries outperformed U.S. eighth-graders.    What do all these numbers mean?  Our nation is in an education crisis and we must take action.  Educators are seeing a widening range of knowledge levels and lack assistance to help close the gap. Last year in the middle of our class, a young girl threw a chair at me and screamed profanities. Once I got her to calm down, I asked what her dream was and she said she wanted to be a lawyer. This 5th grader was reading at a 2nd grade level.  Over 10 sessions, I watched her grow emotionally and intellectually. I knew with the right support she could change her path.

DSC01085Our programs provide the building blocks for success and instill a passion for learning powerful enough to change the course of a life.  The arts-inspired teaching strategies empower young people to learn more effectively, be better communicators, recognize their voice and manage their emotions.  Teachers want so badly to reach every failing child but face many constraints.  We created Story Tapestries to shine a light and to hear reactions like:

“Thank you so much for putting on such an amazing presentation for our students today. As we returned to the classroom, we discussed how you told such a wonderful story that we could see in our minds, yet you didn’t use any pictures. It became a perfect curriculum alignment to the importance of adjectives in writing! On behalf of the staff and students at Harmony Hills, thank you so much for helping us use our imaginations to explore literature and arts in an exciting way! It was absolutely phenomenal!”  Jayme L. O’Melia, Kindergarten Teacher, Harmony Hills Elementary School, MD

We don’t just activate the school team; we connect them with other adult leaders (Arts Organization, Museums, Librarians, Community Groups, Businesses), thereby furthering the continuation of the learning cycle and building a stronger support system for youth.  We aim to build sustainable programming that everyone can benefit from long after Story Tapestries’ on-site work has ended.  Story Tapestries introduces communities to using the arts in the classroom, in the library, and at home as a multifaceted approach affecting all aspects of child development.   It can be such a challenge in the school environment and I’ve seen first-hand how these types of programs can change the dynamics for our youth.

OUR Bio:

Story Tapestries blends the power of dance, storytelling, visual arts and music to engage her audience  in programs that entertain and enrich their lives. Arianna Ross, the executive Director, founded Story Tapestries. For over 14 years, the artists in the company have performed and taught workshops across the United States, Canada and Brazil in schools, community centers, and hospitals.   Offerings from the company, include professional development workshops, performances, in-depth artist-in-residencies, and other customized programs tailored to meet the needs of a variety of partners and community organizations. Since Story Tapestries’ not-for-profit status in 2010, we have reached more than 200,000 children in 540 educational institutions. We have been an America’s Promise Alliance Partner since 2011.


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