Student Writing Samples

Teaching students how to weave a memorable tale is one of Story Tapestries and Arianna’s favorite things to do. Her students never fail to surprise her with the depth and honesty their writing produces, and it’s with great privileged to share some of their samples with you.

Some of them are filled with wit and humor, others will cut your to the core and demonstrate the strength and love of the human condition.  And all of them will show you just how important storytelling is in all of our lives. So click on the PDF links below to see the kind of magic that gets created in a Story Tapestries writing residency.

Education: A ninth grader’s poetic declaration to their education.

The Knight Lost His Courage: Second graders discover how to use juicy, powerful words to strengthen their writing as they tell the sad tale of epic lilly-lizard, Knight Bobis.

Untitled Play: This sixth grader used the power of theater and playwriting to share Harriet Tubman’s dramatic history with classmates.

A Dastardly Debacle: It’s man against beast and a fight for survival in this sixth grader’s engaging story about the beauty and power of the wilderness.

Clystery: When you combine mean girls and Nancy Drew you get this suspenseful and cheeky play set in a secluded all-girls boarding school. A combined writing effort by a seventh and eighth grade class, this play will pull you in until the final curtain closes.

I’m Not Scared of Anything: A poem about a young person staring death in the eye and standing tall.

Please Look a Little Deeper: A young person’s hope for the world to see them for who they truly are.

When I Smiled: A reminder that even in the darkest of times, the soul has the power to shine through it all.

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