“I have been teaching drama for 15 years and it’s so refreshing to take a master class where I learn new strategies and techniques to do with my students.”
-Joanna Lewton, Drama Teacher, Capital City Public Charter School Washington DC

“No one who heard Arianna Ross tell at the Regional Concert at the National Storytelling Conference in Pittsburgh recently will question whether she is a teller of remarkable talent.”
-Elizabeth Ellis, Storyteller and Author

“Fostering Fantasy: Storyteller Arianna Ross shares her magic with local students.”
-Emily Parrino, Features Editor, New Era’s Newspaper, KY

“….using a story-within-a-story to captivate her audience …The Indian Storytelling Adventure was a hit with the kids who attended the program,”
-The Silver Spring Gazette, MD

“Arianna’s Ross carefully designed workshops are like her dances, orchestrated so the
movement is accentuated with each step and the dance is understood.”
-Kevin D. Cordi, National Coordinator for Youth

“Her stories always contain a smile and an energy, which compels others to laugh and rise
above their problems.”
-Bansi Kaul, Director, Rang Vidushak, Bhopal, India

“They sat in awe! She exceeded our expectations. We want her back next year!!”
-Adrian Blount, Administrator, Ideal Academy, Washington DC

“She creates an environment where the children feel safe to take risks and grow from their
mistakes. It is with her soft yet strong voice that guides the children.”
-Franklin Wassmer, Principal, Washington DC

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